Best breathing practices when singing

indexUsually, people breathe through a shallow inhalation and exhalation, and then a pause follows before the process restart again. This goes on in an autopilot mode. Now when you sing, you’ve got to control this autopilot mode. You will need to have faster inhalations and slower exhalations while you utter out the song phrases but you should ensure that you maintain your normal posture. This will provide you with the effective breath control required for smooth singing. However, some strain may result because the process of breathing does not come out naturally. This means that you require training and practice to ensure a proper flow of the songs while breathing normally.
The first step needed to train yourself to adapt best breathing control while singing involves feeling how you breathe while you sing. Basically, you want to find out the proper way to breathe as you sing.
Inhalation while singing
inhaling airWhile singing, you are required to inhale air (take in air) quickly. You need to inhale a full breathe quickly.
For proper inhalation use these exercise:
Try pretending that the air you are inhaling is heavy thus inhale deeply.
Explore the sensation of air by allowing it to flow down below your belly button because of its heaviness and deep inhaling.
Make sure that you are inhaling it faster and feeling the sensation cause by this faster movement.
If you muster this act of quickly inhaling air, then you will be able to adapt good inhaling method while singing.
Exhaling air while singing
While singing you’ve got to control your air out-takes by breathing out slowly. This will help you sing high notes and long slow phrases.
You need to learn how to control your exhaling movement by practicing.
Find something light e.g. a feather and blow it up in the air while maintain a long stream of breath to enable it stay up.
Make sure you do not collapse your chest as you blow the feather.
Study any of your body movements as you maintain the blowing. Your abdomen should slowly return to normal and your chest should remain the same position all through.
Posture for best breathing while singing
A good posture will allow you to get a deep and full breath. Don’t be rigid or do not slouch, else your diaphragm will lock and hinder you from getting best singing breath. Correct posture and good breathing improves singing. Therefore you should learn to align and adjust your body correctly while you quickly inhale air and slowly exhale it
inhalingTo acquire best posture, you need to use your hands to make the necessary adjustments. Practice the above breathing skills but now place one hand on your chest while the other rests on your abs. While inhaling, the hand on your chest should feel if the chest stays stead. Ensure that your chest stays in the same position while inhaling and exhaling. Do not let your chest rise while inhaling because this creates tension in your neck and chest. The other hand should feel your chest enlarging as your abs moves while you inhale and collapse back in when you exhale.