fansThe Mamas and The Papas, The Monkees, and The Byrds kept many people glued to their stereos back in their days. The still do, so is Pink Lloyd, Klatu, Tupac and Whitney Houston among other millions of musicians.

They have made and still make music available to people who use it to manipulate their moods from a dull day to a jovial one, to relieve stress which seems to have secured a position in the lives of many people, to reduce boredom when there is no work to do or while one is undertaking tedious activities and to enhance the quality of people’s lives by creating auras which facilitate socialization e.g. during concerts, performances etc.


Betty Betty
You should have included The Beatles. They rocked in the 70s and their music still does.

Jessica Jessica
Led Zeppelin, Beach Boys, Manfred Mann or Crosby, Stills & Nash are the most nostalgic groups I can never forget.

Music love notes fansPeople love to listen to music, others dance to music, while others spend hours and days debating and arguing about music and musicians, bands, concerts, performances, music festivals, production houses etc. And yet, there is another group of composers, songwriters, poem singers and notably the real musicians who are tasked with entertaining, educating, fostering social interactions and creating awareness or sensitization on pertinent matters affecting their fans and the entire community of listeners, dancers and the general public.
All this is possible and successful because music is part and parcel of our daily lives. We spend a lot of resources in terms of time listening to music because it brings joy to our hearts. Actually music dwells in our hearts; identifies with our careers and other day-to-day activities. It also identifies with us by mimicking our culture and embracing our tastes. Entirely, music is closely related to us and reflects our social conditions in the society, including factors that trigger and facilitate social changes or impede them. That’s why the philosophy of music will never fade.
Looking back, music has been impacting on our lives since the days of King Solomon and Asaph, both of whom were great Psalmists. Still it does today through the likes of Royal band, Courtney Barnett, Ella Eyre and Radkey among others.

Gretchen Gretchen
Why leave out the musicians whose nudity our kids are exposed to daily.

Betty Betty
The likes of Lady Gaga.

Megan Megan
And some cheap, indecent girls who think that’s nude-dancing portrays some sense of modesty.

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Since early 2010 the site has not been inaccessible since the domain was dropped. Fortunately, someone saw the importance of music to the society and the need for visitors to still access more info and news about the music industry.
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Tanya Tanya
I still wonder why some musicians are still accorded massive airplays by our local cable channels.

Megan Megan
I believe in the claims that they are Illuminati members, hence got great influence in media houses.


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